Dobromysl.cz is an internet site offering comprehensive Czech language information about various forms of mental disability and autism and the integration of people with these types of disabilities into society.

There is an enormous lack of comprehensive information in the Czech language about the social integration possibilities for people with such disabilities. Existing resources are often unavailable or inaccessible. Dobromysl.cz has been created to make information readily available on the internet thoughout the Czech Republic. It covers thematically such topics as interpersonal communication and relationships in the home, school, workplace, community and such other aspects as: hobbies, art, lifestyle, health, therapy, law, etc.

Dobromysl.cz would like to develop a central information and advice exchange between families of persons with special needs and the providers of expertise and service. It is intended as a place for expressing an opinion, for sharing an experience, for meeting, etc. It will continue to publicize organizations and services for disabled persons and to inform people how to connect with them.

The project also aims to heighten the Czech general public's positive awareness of mental health disability to promote a continuing improvement in the relationship between society's main stream and the sector of its disabled members.

Dobromysl.cz is a nonprofit social project and is fully financed from gifts, grants and donations.The project has been supported by the European Union with the Phare - Access programme, by Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Rublic and by business and individual sponsors.





Dobromysl.cz is being prepared for you by MAME OTEVRENO? civil association, an association for integration of people with disabilities. We are a non-state-controlled and nonprofit organization, and since 1998 we have been supporting mainly children and young adults with mental disability in integration into society. We have been integrating individually children and young adults among their nondisabled peers, in the centre of Prague we are running a training coffee-house Vesmírna and a Volunteer Center, we have succesfully finished the third year of the informational campagne Podzimní kafemletí (Autumn Coffee Grind). Recently we have been working individually with nearly 50 clients.


/Translation by Martina Jakubův and Alex Juk/